Creating a Script

Script out the entire call. I get more pushback on this idea than almost any other sales advice I give. So many salespeople tell me, “Oh, I don’t like to use a script. It makes me sound scripted.” My response is always the same.

What's your favorite TV show or what's your favorite movie of all time? Do you think when they shot that movie or that TV show, do you think they didn't have a script? Of course they had a script. They practiced the script so that, by time actually went to film it, it looks totally and completely natural. You had no idea that what you were watching is actually very scripted. The reason that it is a great movie or a great TV show is that in fact it doesn't look scripted. But it's very tightly scripted. And the same thing goes for an effective cold call. You want to make sure that your entire call is scripted out. And what you are going to find is that by doing that, your calls going to be so much tighter than it ever was before. Just going willy nilly and off the cuff is going to get you in a lot of trouble. What we want to do is make sure that we are focusing completely on that prospect. And we are not using any wasted verbiage. What I find is that, when salespeople make calls that are not scripted, they just go all over the place and the call takes forever and the prospect is completely uninterested and all they really wanna do is get off the phone.

The telemarketing script is a key factor for success on the telephone. Regardless of the products or services you sell, the outbound telemarketing script trains the new employee, refreshes the veteran team member, and turns your prospects into customers. Best of all, it defines your offer and your brand better then any mail piece, advertising campaign or direct response program ever will.

I've 7 years of experience in telemarketing and sales and I've seen a hunderds of different scripts.

I create professional and unique telemarketing scripts that best suit your business needs. Each script is 100% made for your business.

I offer 3 packages:

BASIC SCRIPT (150-300 words) - $30 - 1 day delivery

STANDARD SCRIPT (300-500 words) - $50 - 2 days delivery

PREMIUM SCRIPT (300-500 words + the best answers for 3 sales objections) - $70 - 2 days delivery

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