1. How and when is payment collected?
  2. When my quote is accepted, I email a payment request and you can pay me with your debit/credit card.

  3. Do you have a PayPal account?
  4. No, I don't.

  5. Do you have a headset with mic?
  6. Yes, I do.

  7. How do you make the phone calls?
  8. I use VoIP. I have US and Canadian phone numbers.

  9. Can you get a local phone number?
  10. Yes, I can. It will cost you $15.

  11. Can you call in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa?
  12. I can, but you will have to provide me with your own VOIP or I will set up a Skype account with a number and you will have to cover my call costs.

  13. How many dials can you make per hour?
  14. 14-30 dials. The number of dials depends on the duration of each call.

  15. How do you track the calls?
  16. There are two ways. I put notes for each call in an Excel spreadsheet, or I can set up an account for you in Hubspot (CRM) and add comments for each call, but for an additional $15.

    I can also send you my call logs, but you'll need to make that request when you're placing the order.