Lead Generation

Never Sell Ice to an Eskimo. Never call old and low-quality leads. If they don't need it, don't sell it to them. This is the moral quandary of my 7-year sales career.

Nothing is more important than generating high-quality, fresh and targeted leads to nurture the sales force.

In B2B Lead Generation, it's all about quality over quantity. It's not about wide reach of potential clients, it's about getting the right clients. Having data about a prospect means that you're already one step ahead of the competition.

Marketing research is THE KEY to identifying business opportunities and GENERATING MORE LEADS, SALES and CONVERSIONS. This service is focused on helping you achieve your business goals and get MAXIMUM RESULTS by doing lead generation. 

Target exact types of businesses or residences, in specific locations and have your list built for you!

All spreadsheets come with:
Type of Business
Business Name 
Address (if available)
Phone Number 
Name of the DM (if available; you have to tell me the appropriate job title)
LinkedIn Profile (if available)

I use different databases to generate leads eg. LinkedIn (Premium Account), Mailtester, WhoisGmail Rapportive, Data.com...

Please contact me, let me know how many leads you would like to order, and get a free quote shortly.