Telemarketing / Appointment Setting

Cold Calling Isn't Dead, As Long As Our Humanity is ALIVE.

The issue is that most people approach cold calling poorly. They start with a sales pitch instead of finding out something about their prospect , such as their challenges and getting to know them. Then, they should slowly weave in the problem that they solve. They should talk about the problem and their beliefs, NOT the product, in order to create an emotional connection.

Many organizations utilize an outsourced telemarketing partner as part of their overall program strategy to achieve their B2B sales goals.  My sales solutions  allow my clients to focus on their core competencies while I manage their outsourced telemarketing work from A–Z. I provide proven leadership for ensuring that each telemarketing campaign will receive the best combination of price, service, and performance.

“Know-how” is what separates leaders who perform (who deliver results) from those who don’t. I've been working as a telemarketer for 7 years and I have extensive experience in managing hundreds of B2B telemarketing and prospecting sales campaigns.

I charge $10 per hour (14-30 dials). The number of dials depends on the duration of each call. Please note that I'm able to call only in the U.S. and Canada because I have US and Canadian phone numbers. If you need a telemarketing service outside of these countries, you will have to provide me with your own VOIP, or I will set up a Skype account with a number and you will have to cover my call costs.

You need to send me the phone numbers and the script.

If you don't have a telemarketing script, I will create it for you.

If you don't have leads, I will generate them for you.

Hitting your inside sales goals doesn’t happen by accident. It takes smarts, perseverance, and the right partner.

Please contact me, let me know how many hours you would like to order and get a free quote shortly.